Water Powered Clock


Water Powered Clock
Yet again we have another gadgety clock to report on, what’s different about it this time, well the battery is powered by plain old water.

It does seem a pretty inventive (and cheap) way to power a clock (a water refill lasts 2-3 months). If us humans can be powered by the elixir of life, the liquid beer I don’t see why a simple LCD clock can’t be powered by water. Heh maybe filling it with bear would make time travel possible.

A clock is not a clock unless it can do some unclocky things and the H2O powered time piece is no exception, it also offers the advanced functions of an alarm, a countdown timer and a thermometer WOW. The method of switching between these functions is quite cute, you simply rotate the clock (I can imagine a few of these falling off the bedside table first thing in the morning).

Boring function list follows:

  • Modes: Clock, Alarm, Countdown Timer, Thermometer
  • Clock is 12 hour only
  • Hourly Chime (always on) – I really hope that doesn’t mean you can’t turn the chime off
  • Thermometer displays temperature in °C and °F
  • Dimensions: 3.2″ diameter, 1.3″ depth

The H2O clock is available from ThinkGeek.com for under $20

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