The Tiny Monster USB Hard Disc

Monst0r Drive
If there was an award for the cutest portable hard disc the Monstor Drive would win it hands down (and that wasn’t a typo it is spelt monstor and not monster).

This tiny shiny silver box which is a similar shape and size of a zippo lighter packs a storage punch of up to 6GB, that’s enough to store…. I won’t bore you with the cliche how many MP3 songs or MP4 video it will hold (a lot).

I do find this sort of miniaturisation impressive, having a tiny disc revolve at 4,200 RPM in something the size of a match box is a bit of a technical and mechanical marvel in my eyes and like the iPod nano you can also use it as a pocket mirror.

You can’t get hold of these drives yet but they are due to ship in December hopefully in time for Christmas from US$99 to US$399.

Found via full product details at USModular