Digital Sound Projector for your Plasma


Whilst at the Best of Stuff show another interesting product we saw was the Yamaha YSP-1000 Digital Sound Projector. The YSP-1000 is capable of producing full surround sound from just one unit (which fits nicely beneath a Yamaha 42″ Plasma display).

The way it works is by bouncing sound waves off the walls to give the impression the sound is coming from the side or behind. I was pretty skeptical when hearing how the technology worked but the live demonstration made me think differently.

Bouncing SoundThe demonstration was very good, partly helped by a good choice of Plasma display and a sound track that made the most of surround sound benefits (the blur man video). Even though I had a bit of a crappy position (back row in a corner) I was still able to hear noises as if they were behind, I doubt I’d of got this effect in a conventional 5.1 setup due to where I was sitting.

To setup the Digital Sound Projector is semi automatic, you have to move a sensor around the room whilst the unit bounces sound off the walls to find the optimum direction for the sound waves. It sounded pretty tedious as you had to position the sensor at various different locations for minutes at a time, but as you would only need to do this once when you first get the system that shouldn’t be too much of a chore.

If you are in the unfortunate position to only have a 32″ Plasma screen, Yamaha also have the YSP-800 for just that sort of set-up (might as well get one to see you through whilst you’re saving up for the 42″ monster).

As impressed as I was with surround sound projection I was soon brought down to earth when I was able to have a demo of a Naim conventional 5.1 setup, this really blew me away and made the surround sound of the Yamaha pale in comparison but if you have a room where it’s just not possible to put up those rear speakers, or you have a mobile projector setup (with a Nuvu screen) you certainly may want to give digital sound projectors a look.

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