Stuff Show, First Impressions


Nokia Dancing Girls

We did the best of Stuff Show yesterday and it was a great day out. Had a bit of a panic on the day, first I was woken up with shouts of a water leak in the loft. After fixing that (well turning the water off), rushing for the train, there was then big time security at the station which nearly resulted in me missing the 9:50 to London. We eventually arrived at the Show at 11AM and it was a full day with a load to see.

To start off with I’m just going to do a quick overview of the gadgets and gizmos on display, over the next week we’ll write up on all the best (and worst) gear we found to play with (or at least see).

Our first point of contact was meeting with Nicole who had organised our press passes (a cool first) and generously given us some free tickets to give away to some of our readers. After that we went for the obligatory press reporters cup of coffee, so we could hang out with the other hacks (well lean against the wall looking a bit too geeky to be a proper reporter).

The main highlights of the show for us where the following (which we’ll do detailed writings on later)

  • Clear plastic speakers, these looked cool but did they sound it, I’ll give full details in a followup post
  • The Nuvu screen, if you have a projector at home you’ll want one of these (Marc nearly bit the guys hand off
  • Nokia Internet Tablet or Nokia Dancing Girls (see top pic), hmmm both made the day for me
  • We got our hands on the Q-BE, this is one tiny MP3 player which makes the nano look more like a mammoth
  • Sky Hi-Def, when this hits the main stream, sales of Plasma and LCD screens will rocket
  • Saw the Xbox 360 for the same time, but was beaten to the controller by a square eyed 11 year old
  • The 20 grand Sony Projector

That’s probably about half the stuff we want to write about. There was a lot of cool gear, some new and some old with a different lick of paint. We’ll do our best to write it all up as soon as poss (once I get the Nokia dancing girls out of my head).

Nokia Dancing Girls

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