Unique Towel Holder (seeing is believing)


Dog End
There are many unique gadgets and innovations out there, if you ever wonder how somebody comes up with the ideas for some of the wackiest contraptions, you might find the following of interest.

“I was sitting in a particularly dull lecture one day giggling to myself about the striking similarity between old fashioned tea towel holders and a certain part of the anatomy. Later that day as I walked home I happened to be following an English bull terrier and the idea for dog-end was born..” – Luke from slam

Cat End
I find it very interesting hearing about where great (or just plain wacky) ideas and inventions are thought of, I know with me I get the best ideas (IMO) at the least likely of times.

Anyway back to the product, as you can tell from the pictures these are pretty unique towel holders, maybe not to everyone’s taste but you’ve got to admit they’re pretty funny and unique. I can certainly imagine them in many student halls (not that most students use many towels :)). I’m still not sure about drying my face on a towel that’s been shoved up a dogs behind mind.

If you fancy getting one of these for yourself or a feline / dog lover that insists towels belong on the floor you can get them from Dog End

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