Moving data over power lines

by Marc

Devolo dLan
This is a very nice idea that was promised long ago but has taken many years to materialise. Devolo have launched a range of products that will give you an ethernet network in your house by using your mains wiring to carry the data around.

Setting up a network is a simple as plugging in an adapter at each location you want an ethernet port.

Using the Homeplug standard, the devolo units will provide an RJ45 port out of a plug socket (the downside being of course that you lose the plug socket – something that’s already a scarce commodity in my house!)

There are two variants of the adapter – one that provides 14mbps (why bother?) and another one that gives a more useful 85mbps data transfer speed.

Other adapters available from Devolo can carry audio and USB data using the same principle (although the USB one is linked to a low speed eithernet module – I guess they couldn’t get the bandwidth out of the power line for high speed ethernet and USB)

The adapters are available in the UK from

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mck Says: October 30, 2005 at 12:08 pm

Netgear has actually had this product out for awhile, while they only provide 10/100mpbs. I’ve been using a variation of this, where one is plugged into my router, then one upstairs (house is to big to be covered completely) gets the signal from the powerline and rebroadcasts it.

It works perfectly. 😀

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