Son of A Bucket Robot

by Anita


Become the life of the party with your own drunken robot! You will be able to drink as much as you want, pull all kinds of antics and no one will pay the least bit of attention to you and your follies as you control your drunken robot around the room. Every eye will be on the new guest that you brought.

What is that person doing flirting with your gal or guy? Well, the Son of A Bucket Robot will take care of that. Just have your robot mosey on over and puke all over his or her shoe. That will take care of that troublesome person.

This cool Son of a Bucket Robot chugs, pukes and stumbles around to his favorite music as you secretly control him with a wireless remote. You will enjoy hiding away his remote control and move him around without anyone knowing exactly who brought this terrific guest to the party.
If you really want to have some fun, the next time you have to sit through a boring dinner party bring the Son of a Bucket along. The party will not be boring anymore. However, don’t get caught, the host and hostess may not be too excited about your new friend.

The Son of a Bucket will give you hours of excitement and fun wherever you may decide to take him. Sit in a mall and watch the passerby’s as your robot chugs and then pukes all over the place. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of watching a drunken robot stumbling around any store or shopping center? If you are really daring, take him to class with you. The professor may not be amused, but the rest of the class will sure enjoy the antics until the professor finds out who brought Son of a Bucket to his lecture.

You can find this drunken robot, Son of a Bucket, online at Spencer Gifts for around $20.

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