Peanut Butter Safe

by Anita


If you have any type of valuables that you want to keep safe from harm, the best place to hide them is not in the cookie jar, everyone looks there first. Hide them away in the Peanut Butter Safe.

Everyone has an old jar of peanut butter back in his or her pantry somewhere and most people especially would be burglars would not think to look in there for anything unless they were hungry.

This is the most ingenious safe that you will find on the market today. No matter, what you might want to hide, this peanut butter safe will be your answer. Just remember to have a real jar of peanut butter close at hand, so no one will accidentally open your stash.

This is also a great place for college students to keep their cell phone while they are attending class. Then their roommate will not be able to use up all their call minutes.

What about trying to save money for that extra special present for your spouse? You can just tuck away some of that grocery money every week in your peanut butter safe until you have saved enough to buy him the gift.

The peanut butter safe looks exactly like a jar of peanut butter and even weighs the same. However, once you unscrew the top you will see the hollowed out center that will accommodate hiding small valuables.

If you do a lot of traveling, it would be perfect to hide some extra money, small jewelry, or whatever you would like, then just place it in your suitcase and go. Even a maid in your favorite hotel, would not think to look in an old jar of peanut butter.

The interior size of the peanut butter safe is 4 inches by 2 inches and you can find it online for around $15.00

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