What iZ it, it’s an iZ


iZ Musical Dancer
As you can probably tell by the picture this is one strange gadget, if we had to guess what it was just by looking at it we’d also struggle. According to the inventors of the iZ the green alien looking thing is an “interactive animatronic DJ/speaker” which basically means it’s a speaker that moves and you can interact with :).

You can connect it to your favourite music player using a standard socket and the iZ will serve as it’s speaker. The iZ’s eyes will bounce up and down and it’s nose lights up in time to the music (a very strange site).

When you get bored of the iZ just playing your boring music collection, you can start the interaction. This is done by flicking the cone like ears (why they have orange balls in them is anybodies guess) which in turn distorts the music. You can also play with it’s belly button to change the volume and tempo.

Watching a video of thiZ thing was odd but funny and I’m sure it would make an entertaining party piece. So if you want to pay 30 quid for an interactive 3 legged green bopping alien check out Firebox where you also see the entertaining video.

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