Naim home cinema in a box

by Marc

Naim home cinema in a box
I like Naim. They’re a uniquely British hi-fi company who insist on doing things their way because they claim it’s better. For example they are one of the few (only?) companies to still use 5 pin DIN connectors for their interconnects because it’s supposed to sound better than the standard phono jack the rest of the world uses. Convenience? Pah! “Whatever it takes to make it sounds good” seems to be their guiding principle. The kit lasts for ever too – ten year old amplifiers still change hands for scary amounts of money.

After dipping a toe into the home cinema waters with previous offerings it looks like they’re ready to leap enthusiatically into the 21st century with the announcement of the n-vi. Combining a DVD player with a 5 channel amplifier this should be on every audio/videophile’s shopping list.

The price? We don’t know yet but it’s a safe bet that if you have to ask, you need to do some more saving….

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