Lighter Camera

by Anita


If you have ever wished you could take pictures without anyone knowing then you must get a lighter camera. However, don’t try to light a cigarette with this gadget because it is non-functioning, just a clever way to hide a secret camera. Just carry it along with you in your shirt pocket or purse and then whip it out to get those shots of the next-door husband with his girlfriend during lunch, or one of the neighbor’s kids throwing brick through a store window. You are sure to be the first one with the prizing winning photo of all the activities going on around your town.

This lighter camera also has PC camera functions. It comes equipped with 64M SDRAM and “Hi” 300 pixels at 1280 x960 and “LO” Resolution 100 pixels at 640×480. It can also store up to 30 various images in the Hi mode or 104 in the Lo mode.

Then these images can be downloaded to your computer. All you need is a USB cable to connect the lighter camera to your computer. Another great feature is that you can hold a video conference over the internet with your lighter camera and sell those embarrassing images that you just captured.

The rechargeable battery is built it and can be charged via your USB connection to your computer. The indicator light is red while charging and will be green after the lighter camera is fully charged. The very first time you charge the battery it will take around 4 hours.

Other features of this unique spy lighter camera include a viewfinder, shutter button, LCD, start function button, lens, USB socket, and the power button. To use this camera with your computer you will need either Win98 Edition II, 2000, ME, or XP,125 MB of free hard disk space, 32MB RAM, color monitor, and a USB interface.

Available from for just shy of $80.

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