Insane Halloween Lights

Halloween Decorations
I know a guy from the forum circuit, that takes his celebration decorations pretty damn seriously. The multitude of lights he puts around his house at Halloween and Christmas is a spectacle to behold. This witching season the total number of lights in his display is 7,148 and it’s not just the sheer number of lights that make it cool but the X10 interactive remote control.

Hulk Decoration
During certain hours of the day it is possible to control the lights via the Halloween page of the website and then see them change with the live web-cam. If flashing lites are a bit boring you can also inflate/deflate a mighty big Hulk inflatable. This guys electricity bill is going be pretty excessive, web-cams draw a lot of juice you know.

Last year, Alek (the site owner) did play a hoax with his Christmas lights which fooled a fair few people, including the Wall Street Journal (who didn’t take it very well). This year we’ve been assured that the lights and remote control are genuine, check it out it looks pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “Insane Halloween Lights”

  1. Al,

    Nice/funny writeup. If you don’t mind a few corrections, the HULK is not inflateable/deflateable … but his Big Green Buddy Frankenstein is. The lights draw a LOT of power (26.9 9amps measured) whereas the webcam is actually only 6 Watts/0.05 amps (also measured) which is about the same as a night light. And the Wall Street Journal is who I contacted to “out” myself – they were cool about the whole thing and by far wrote the most accurate story – many press reports say I was “busted” – not true … and yea, some of the ego’s in the media were a bit bruised so they took a few potshots at me – oh well.

    Glad you think my holiday lights are a “cool gadget” and I just turned it on early for ‘ya – Happy Halloween.

    Alek (for the HULK)

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