IBM Shopping Buddy

Shopping Buddy

IBM has a new product in a few select grocery stores called Shopping Buddy. Basically Shopping Buddy is a Wi-Fi enabled, GPS equipped laptop.

That’s right grandmothers and housewives everywhere can get their technical shop on. The item is slated to save you time. How does it do that?

Let’s say you need to know where the peanut butter is. You type in peanut butter and up pops a map. The GPS shows your position and how to get to the exact location of peanut butter in the store. The sounds pretty cool seeing as how I always run up and down the isles looking for that last thing we forgot to get as my wife is checking out in line. This would save me from knocking over small children and display items in my mad dash to find the stupid chopped almonds.

Another thing the Shopping Buddy does is it tells you what you have bought on that isle in the past. So while you’re buying crackers on isle 4 up pops a little note reminding of that time you bought those double stuff Oreos and then went home and ate them all at once. Damn Shopping Buddy that was 3 months ago, let it go, let it go.

One more feature that the Shopping Buddy offers is a recipe suggestion tool. You pick up an item and scan it and up pops some recipes. If you like them you can email them to your house. I mentioned scanning the items. You do this so you don’t have to go through the hassle of having the checkout person scan them at the register.

I’m not sure how much time Shopping Buddy will save you, but it does seem very interesting. Besides everyone needs more friends. No more lonely nights sitting around playing solitaire. Now I can play poker with my Shopping Buddy.