NEC LCD Technologies – 4.1-inch System-On-Glass LCD Module

by Keith

NEC LCD Technologies

In Tokyo, NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. has announced on October 17, 2005 the successful development of a 4.1-inch (10.4cm diagonal), wide video graphics array (W-VGA), system-on-glass (SOG) liquid crystal display (LCD) module for hand held and mobile devices, enhancing the richness of picture quality display on small screen. This “cool” LCD module is expected to commence mass production at the end of 2006. Sounds like a long wait, but what we might expect this new gadget to have.

Simultaneous pursuit of a wide color gamut and high luminance
A higher dimensional balance between an ultra-wide color gamut of 110% for NTSC and high luminance of 400cd/m2 has been achieved by optimizing the back-light system and the color filter based on the high transmissivity of LTPS thin film transistor (TFT) LCD technology, realizing astonishingly clear and vivid color reproduction that has been insufficient in small-sized LCD modules for mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras to date.

Downsizing through integration of peripheral circuitry
Downsizing and integration of instrumentation has been achieved by the following:

  • LTPS employment, which enables a narrower LCD frame than that of amorphous silicon.
  • Integration of semiconductor systems on the glass substrate of the TFT LCD enabling a reduction in the number of instrumentation parts built into the new SOG LCD.

As the trend approaches to many people using small-sized LCD modules for mobile and hand held devices, conventional LCD modules manufacturers have found it difficult to integrate a driver circuit into the module; yet NEC Technologies have succeeded in doing so, thus improving the picture quality, to meet the demands of the industries.

Hidetoshi Usui, department manager in charge of product planning and marketing, NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. said, “Recognizing the need to develop a small-sized SOG LCD of superior picture quality, we at NEC LCD Technologies have striven for many years to enhance our SOG technology, one of our core competences, to enable a model that fulfills the needs of the industrial field. Going forward, we are convinced that it will contribute to the expanded application of SOG LCDs in this field and we will continue to develop it further toward the provision of even higher dimensional picture quality.”
Unfortunately, the new SOG LCD model will not be available for public any time in the near future. However a model will be displayed at FPD International 2005 being held in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, from October 19 – 21. Interested parties can enquire more from NEC.

Main Specifications:

  • Drive system: Low temperature poly silicon TFT active matrix
  • Display area: 88.8mm x 53.28 mm Diagonal screen size of 4.1-inches (10.4cm)
  • Pixel: 800(H) x 480(V) pixels
  • Pixel pitch: 0.111(H) x 0.111(V) mm
  • Luminance: 400cd/m2 (typ.)
  • Color gamut: 110% (typ.) [against NTSC color space]
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