Pepper pad now available in Best Buy

by Marc

Pepper pad
If there was ever “One gadget to bind them” this might well be it. A tablet PC with a decent screen (8.4″), browser, email client, movie and video players etc plus WiFi, bluetooth AND to top it all an infra red blaster that can be programmed as a learning remote.

It looks like it’s got a small but useable keyboard over on the left panel with a number pad on the right.

They also claim it’s “water resistant”. I don’t know what to make of that – I’m not sure I’d take my expensive piece of electronic equipment waterskiing! Although given it’s intended use it’s probably quite likely that it will have beer or coffee spilled on it at some point so that feature could come in handy.

And eHomeUpgrade are reporting that they’ve just started selling them in Best Buy for you lucky guys who live in the US and have 850 bucks to spend (or don’t have the money but just want to check it out anyway)

More specifications here

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