Stopwatch (Questionable Gadget)

by Damian

Stop Watch
I recently had to buy another stopwatch because my last one broke. I’m sure you’re asking 1) why does a normal person need a stopwatch and 2) how do you break a stopwatch.

Well I mainly use my stopwatch for keeping track of the time between sets when I’m working out. The old one I had got a little wet. OK it could a little damp, because I happened to be wearing it while I was working out and I got sweaty. OK. Happy? Now you know my dirty secret. I sweat when I work out and one day I broke my old stopwatch with my workout sweat. It wasn’t that much sweat, ok. OK!

I picked up a stopwatch from SportLine for around $10. It’s water resistant and shock resistant. That means I can sweat all I want and also throw it down in between sets.

It’s sturdy and has nice big fat buttons that make it easy to start and stop. It’s also easy to read.

Now earlier I mentioned that I mainly use it for working out. I recently used the stopwatch for testing the time it takes me to open the refrigerator, check out the meat compartment, and close everything (2.8 seconds).

I’ve also use the stopwatch to time how long it takes me to run around the couch 10 times (48.3 seconds).

The stopwatch gets used for all kinds of things. How long does it take to get up the stairs with someone on your back (19 steps in 6.4 seconds. That’s trucking), can you make it to the kitchen and back in less then 7 seconds (yes), and how long does it take my wife to look at me like I’m out of my mind while I conduct these tests (1.9 seconds).

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