Super speedy 20in Widescreen TFT

BENQ Widescreen
I’ve just read on Trusted Reviews how BENQ have released the worlds fastest 20 inch TFT, with a response time of 8 milliseconds (mighty quick) and priced at under 500 quid seems pretty good value.

It’s not quite up there with the multi TFT displays we reported on before but for gamers or film watchers the response time is sure to impress.

Up until yesterday I was always impressed with TFTs however my right screen decided to stop working (it just flashes when ever the resolution changes) so I now have a dual 17in setup with totally different TFTs all because I can’t get another of the same model as they are no longer available, grrrr.

That post went off on a bit of a tangent, so remember kids if you want a dual (or more) screen setup buy all the screens at the same time, as new models come out very quickly and what’s hot today will be an electronic antique in the coming months.