Gigabyte Silent-Pipe II Technology

by Keith

Gigabyte Silent-Pipe II

Is your cooling fan making that irritating, intolerable noise, disrupting your entertainment? Well, we have a solution here. In Taiwan, GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leader in quiet graphics card cooling solutions, has announced their latest release of Silent-Pipe II technology. This new invention generates natural airflow to provide more efficient cooling without the use of any bulky heat sink or noisy fan.

Achieved by drawing cool air through a new proprietary front-flow thermal module to remove heat from the heat sink on the graphics card, this new design has shown to improve airflow, allowing hardcore 3D processing applications to run smoothly without a hitch. In addition, minimal noise is generated from the high-speed cooling fan on the graphics card, since temperature will be much lower than normal operation. Known to operate under extreme quiet environment, this technology is suitable for home theater and media center enthusiasts, requiring quality performance from high-end graphics cards without the use of intolerable cooling fans.

Some of the features of GIGABYTE Silent-Pipe II technology are:

  • Proprietary front-flow thermal module: the first Dual-slot heat pipe solution to utilize a convection slot at the back of the chassis to increase thermal dissipation.
  • Natural convection design: Silent-Pipe II technology artfully uses the temperature difference between the inside and outside of chassis, creating natural system convection.
  • High-precision die-casting process: uses the latest high-precision die forming technology to increase the thermal conductivity of the material that makes up the heat sink.
  • SLI ready: designed for compatibility with dual card configurations.
  • High performance heat pipe with sintered powder wicks: with the industry’s best powder-style pure copper heat pipe for ultra efficient thermal conductivity.
  • 3D performance ready: designed stability during demanding 3D applications.
  • Integrated architecture design: heat pipe and GPU actually make contact to provide unequalled heat conductivity.
  • Compared with other 6600 GT heat pipe and fan solutions, GIGABYTE Silent-Pipe II technology achieves outstanding thermal performance and with unmatched quiet operation.
  • GIGABYTE Silent-Pipe II technology will be available on a range of GIGABYTE VGA cards that include the GV-NX66T128D-SP with GDDR3 memory and the GV-NX66T256DE with DDR2 memory.

* Image shows the simulated natural airflow inside the CPU box.

For heavy high-end graphics card users, this piece of hardware is truly recommended. With low noise emission from the PC Box, users can fully enjoy the true 3D sound architecture by game, or enjoy an impressive real surround sound system, without the buzzing irritating background interference.

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yolanda Says: August 4, 2006 at 1:42 pm

pero entonces la tarjeta no lleva ningun disipador? o no le hace falta sustitullendolo por la pipaII

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