Stand ‘N Store Step Stool with Internal Storage Area and Lift-Out Tray


Are you looking for a gift for the man or woman that has every literally everything? Then maybe you should consider purchasing the Stand ‘N Store Step Stool with Internal Storage Area and Lift-Out Tray.

This is the perfect gift for any man or woman that could use a step stool with all the tools they will ever need inside in a tray that can be conveniently lifted out. It looks just like an ordinary step stool but it is actually a heavy duty tool box. It can hold up to 300 pounds, so you never have to worry about it breaking or tipping over as you reach to put up those Christmas decorations that you can’t seem to get anyone else to put up.

If you do not wish to use it as a tool box, it can be used for an array of other ideas such as a place to store most of your gardening tools, cleaning supplies, or for hiding just about anything you do not wish others to know about.

The tray will very easily lift out, so you can have the tools you need ready to go without carrying along the entire stand ‘n store step stool. This way you can grab your small cleaning supplies or garden tools and you are off and running.

It is waterproof because of the rugged and durable tongue and groove construction that also gives it its strength. Not only is it really rugged, but it is dent proof, rust proof, non-conductive, and is safe from damage from most chemicals.

This great gadget measures on the outside at 22 inches longs, 15 inches wide and a tad over 13 inches, while the inside measures 15 inches long, 8 inches wide and 7 ½ inches high. With the tray in place the height of the inside measures 5 ½ inches.

So, if you want the perfect gift for anyone that putters around with tools or enjoys keeping secrets then the Stand ‘N Store Step Stool would the perfect gift.

9 thoughts on “Stand ‘N Store Step Stool with Internal Storage Area and Lift-Out Tray”

  1. I have a customer interested in this step stool. Please advise if you can have logo put on it and the costs. Also the cost of the stool without imprint.

  2. Great for storing straps, locks, etc for securing our kayaks on the roof rack…plus it gives you the height to get the straps over the kayaks when loading/unloading!

  3. J would like to know where to purchase 1 of these stools from? had a similar 1 for years and was really handy, but not seen them in the diy stores,

  4. I really want to know where i can purchase one of these stand and store step stools. we have been looking all over for one and can’t seem to find any! Thanks!!

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