Personal Sucker


This is an interesting gizmo, the WAKMAH (stands for Water-closet Aperture Kinetic Mechanical Activation Handle, though I think personal sucker would be more catchy). Working on the same principle as the suction cup this little gadget is a handle you can take anywhere and attach to any smooth surface.


Using this little device can make journeys on public transport a bit easier as you always have your very own hand hold.

This gadget has various other uses too (taken from the official site)

  • Door Handle Avoidance
  • Dolphin. Seal or Whale Riding
  • Surfing aid for beginners
  • Child’s toy

You can check out the manufactures site here and buy one for just under 4 pounds (about 7 dollars).

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John Says: October 14, 2005 at 5:16 pm

I know of a few people in my work area that would like a few of these. But then, they would need one to pick up the used one once it’s used and then one for that one, ad infinitum….

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