iPod video launched

by Marc

iPod photo
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, Apple unveiled a new iPod model yesterday which will play videos. Seems like every product launch for the last year or so has been awash with rumours of such a beast, I guess they had to be right some time! It comes in black too – about time!

My currently uncharitable feelings towards Apple notwithstanding (my 4G iPod drive died last week, about a month or so out of guarantee) I still don’t see the point. I guess that everyone else’s hard drive player with colour screen plays video so they had to jump on the bandwagon but for me it’s not a huge selling point. As a driver I can’t exactly watch an episode of “Lost” on the way into work and I’m not sure I’d want to on a 2 inch screen either! And as for paying for music video downloads….

The new G5 looks cool though, proving that at least they haven’t lost their sense of style!

More details on the Apple site.

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