IBM Media Centre

by Damian

IBM Media Centre
This is the continued product review for IBM’s Smart Kitchen. This time I take a look at IBM’s media center for the kitchen.

Basically IBM is marketing this, with the other components of the smart kitchen, as a gadget that will save you time and allow you to spend more time with your family. So what does it do exactly? Well it plays DVDs, CDs, and allows you to surf the net. Now I’m not sure how IBM figured that reading the latest trash news about Britney Spears while looking at pictures of her back when she was still attractive is going to speed up the process of making a tuna casserole.

If anything this product would keep you from spending more time with your family. If I can watch Gladiator while chopping up carrots, I’m not going to rush back into the family room so I can talk about what a douche Tim from Marketing at work was today.

I guess a way that I could actually see this, all-in-one media center, actually speeding up my time in the kitchen is if I put in the movie Beaches. I know that I could prepare an entire roast, a side of mashed potatoes, a bowl of green beans, a large salad, and some of those little Jell-O Jigglers before Bette Midler starts to sing “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

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