New Epson home cinema in a box

by Marc

Epson EMP-TWD1
New in the Epson range of home cinema projectors is the EMP-TWD1. The USP here is the inclusion of a JVC DVD player, meaning all you need is a suitable wall or foldaway screen and you’ve got a home cinema that you can drag out of the cupboard for the occasional movie or big game, and put away again when you’re not using it.

Epson are a large manufacturer/supplier of the LCD panels used in other projectors and speaking as someone who’s spent far too much time in front of one of their older home cinema units I’m sure the picture on this one will be more than adequate. I’m not sure who it will appeal to though. I would have thought that most people who want a big screen would make other more permanent arrangements, and those who don’t – err – don’t!

The unit also includes speakers – we’ll skip over those on the grounds that watching a movie on an 80 inch screen without the accompanying surround sound is just wrong!

Having said that it will cut down on the trailing wires, it looks pretty adjustable in terms of positioning and at an online price of 830 quid (random google link) you can’t really complain about the price so perhaps it will find a few fans…

Full specifications here

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