Duke Nukem Forever (for Christmas?)


Duke Nukem Forever
Duke Nukem must be one of the most popular first person shooters ever made, geez it even had action figures at one stage. The latest version Duke Nukem Forever must be one of the longest games in development, ever! Ask the makers 3D Realms about a release date and this is what they say:

The release date of this game is “When it’s done”. Anything else, and we mean anything else is someone’s speculation. There is no date. We don’t know any date. If you have a friend who claims they have “inside info”, or there’s some game news site, or some computer store at the mall who claims they know – they do not. They are making it up. There is no date. Period.

But could this be about to change!

Amazon.co.uk are now taking pre-orders with a published release date of December 2nd 2005 (or is that 2009), so either:

  • 3D Realms have let them in on the secret
  • There’s been a leak
  • Amazon are just making the story up to grab our money
  • Something else

Which ever it is it must be due soon, we’ve been waiting years.

You can pre-order from here but you might be up for a long wait as there is still no official, official release date. I think I’ll be waiting until 3D Realms say it’s ready and then I’ll get ready for some heavy fragging.

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