FP-300 fingerprint door lock

Biometric door lock
I’ve been looking at devices around the home recently and I stumbled upon these biometric door locks. The concept is not new of course but it’s only in the last few years that they’ve been available as a plug and play (drill and play?) package for home installations.

I’ve seen a few different models and as I was looking at the specs I noticed one glaring fact – the cheap ones have an operating temperature that bottoms out at 0 degrees C! That might work in California but I can assure you that over here in the UK we need something considerably more hardy than that, even in the relatively sunny South!

Which is why I like this one. The FP-300 from fingerprintentry.co.uk is available in gold (which is just nasty) and a more conventional silver. 640 fingerprint storage might be overkill for the average house but the -20 to +50 degrees operating range is more in keeping with what I’d expect.

3 thoughts on “FP-300 fingerprint door lock”

  1. I really hope you’re not mixing your units here, because 0 degrees Fahrenheit is just about -20 degrees Celsius; meaning that the two might be the exact same operating range and just labeled in different units (Fahrenheit for the Yankie market, Celcius for the Brits).

  2. You had me worried there for a minute, but I just went back and double checked and the spec sheets I saw were both labelled up as degrees C. So no,it really does look like you could be frozen out of your own home if you pick the wrong one!

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