Pumpkin Carving Kit


Pumpkin Carving Kit
This may not be anything new to our friends across the pond but in the UK when it comes to pumpkin carving we normally just use a marker pen and the sharpest knife we’re allowed to use from the kitchen. This means that the majority of our carved pumpkins are pretty amateurish compared to those you see on the teen horror movies.

However thanks to the Pumpkin Carving Kit things may be about to change.

The carving kit is basically a Dremel Minimite with a high speed pumkin slicing drill-bit. The drill-bit is designed to effortless slice through the toughest pumkin skins meaning no more bogged eyed pumpkins and making it possible to make some really arty creations.

You can also download various templates from the Firebox site which makes carving your own scary creations a piece of cake.

As far as I can find the kit is currently exclusively spookily available at Firebox
Pumpkin Faces

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