Geeky Wrapping Paper for Forum Junkies


Geeky Paper
It’s all well and good buying the perfect gadget gift for that special geek in your life but wrapping the present in paper covered in clowns or balloons isn’t really appropriate is it now. You can now get much more suitable (and expensive) wrapping paper to prove how much thought you’ve put in to that special present.

The paper comes in 4 different styles:

  • Equations – For the wannabe scientist
  • Binary – For the mathematicians and computer nerds 🙂
  • Birthday – For the multilinguists
  • Emoticons – For forum junkies and IM addicts

They are not cheap weighing in at around $2.50 a sheet but hey they much better than balloon holding clowns.

Available in packs of 4 sheets from ThinkGeek

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