Women like gadgets just as much as men and these cute, unique, and stackable friends will become their favorite.

This new innovative idea will ensure you do not get bored while sitting at your desk. They are not just another what-not to place out of the way and look at from time to time. They will brighten up your desk and interact with one another.

Okay, what exactly is a Cubee? Well, to try to explain, each Cubee is a small animal that will squawk or chirp you a tune while their cute little face moves up and down as they play their tune. If you stack two together, they both begin to sing and perform their own duet. The amazing part is according to how you stack the Cubees, they will play different tunes, and their faces flap in time to the tune they are singing.

They also have a surprise or two waiting for you. If you raise their faces up, you will find inside a smaller cube, and then another one inside that one, like the Russian doll idea. The smallest baby Cubee does not join in the performance, but are still the very cutest Cubee of them all.

You can purchase these adorable Cubees in double or triple packs; with pack is a random mixture. You may decide to add more cute animals such as a dog, cow, chick, pig, or cat to create your own musical group. The stacking is endless and you will love stacking and unstacking to find a harmonious tune that you will enjoy the most.

The Cubee uses 3 LR44 batteries which come along with your new and unique pet. Their size is 5 by 4 by 3.5cm.

If you have any women on your gift list that are hard to buy for you just found the perfect gift. Prices of these unique Cubees which are going to be more popular than the pet rock are £12.95 or $23.31USD