by Anita

Do you believe in UFO’s? Well, all of your friends will after you control this awesome remote controlled flying saucer. Just hide behind the trees or bushes in your neighborhood and see how long it takes for the neighbors to call the police, the fire department and maybe even the president when they see a flying saucer hovering outside their windows.

This cool remote controlled flying saucer is made with lightweight carbon fiver and EPP foam. It can fly up to around 330 feet and can even fly indoors if you have a large enough home.

But, it would be more fun to fly the X-UFO outdoors in twilight hours or late at night when the lights will be bright against the stars. Just be careful flying it during high winds. Against the darkness of the night everyone will believe that the aliens are coming and you will enjoy a big laugh, unless the police disagree with your humor.

The X-UFO is comprised of a very complex system of contra rotating propellers and a high tech gyroscope that will keep it flying. It may sound difficult and maybe the complex creation of the X-UFO is hard to understand but maneuvering and flying this awesome flying saucer is very easy.

The controller of the X-UFO requires 4 “AA” batteries but the flying saucer uses a rechargeable battery that is a 12V NiMH that is included. The size of this extra terrestrial ship is 490 by 490 by 70mm. After you charge your flying saucer you will be able to have the neighborhood screaming in no time and give everyone a scare for around 5 minutes before needing recharged. It does take quite awhile to recharge around 100 minutes. You can find this priceless flying saucer online for around $159 at Think Geek.

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olollo Says: September 24, 2006 at 12:01 pm

ma come cazzo parlate?????????

math Says: September 25, 2006 at 12:34 pm

le xufo en video

Binx Says: December 27, 2007 at 11:07 am

Just got this for Christmas. The batteries fried after about 30 min of their first charge. Now I have to search the net to find a replacement battery pack. Very disappointed.

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