The Candy Grabber


Candy Grabber
I remember being taken to the seaside when I was a kid and having a go on those grabber machines which were only ever good at grabbing money off kids. The number of times I’d pick up a teddy that probably was worth less than the cost of a go only to see it fall from the grippers just before the winning post.

Well you can reminis on your mis-spent youth by having your very own grabbing machine, complete with old fashioned candy bars.

I must admit it does look a bit plasticy but hey the arcade ones weren’t that much better (though more solid) to add a sense of realism you could always glue cheap expensive looking watches to the bottom of
candy enclosure and write a bit of obscene seaside graffiti on the side.

Could also be used to make a bit of cash off your penny pinching kids by charging them for the privilege of a go, get them to tidy the bedroom for pocket money and then show them the Candy grabber and win it all back *said with an evil smile*

Available in the UK from Firebox I’ not sure if you have these in the States yet but if you do please let us know.

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Cassandra Says: October 28, 2006 at 6:37 pm

You can find these at Linens and Things

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