Sonos Digital Music System


Sonos Digital Music System
I don’t know a single gadget head that hasn’t got a large collection of online music. The first thing I do when I get a CD (bought or borrowed) is rip it. Gee even my mother has an MP3 player.

It’s fine having a large collection of music but if you only ever listen to it out of the tinny speakers that came with your PC then you’re just not getting the most benefit. Even connecting your PC to a decent AMP and speakers that cost more than your PC is only part of the answer, what about the rest of the house. This is where the Sonos Digital Music System comes in. 🙂

The purpose of the Sonos Digital Music System is to easily and stylishly stream music around as many rooms as your house has. Music can be streamed wirelessly which means no messy wall channelling.

Sonos ControllerThe music in each room can be controlled in isolation or party mode where each room will be playing the same tunes a guarantee of no annoying echos between rooms. You can control the play-lists either from a PC or the cool handheld controller which speedily runs a portable version of Linux. And it will also keep Marc happy as it recognises and plays FLAC files.

For a full demo check out the official site but be warned even though the price is a bargain for what you get it still isn’t cheap as you can see in their store.

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