Attensa – RSS Reader for Microsoft Outlook

by Keith


A RSS reader for Microsoft Outlook. Attensa for Outlook is one of the few RSS news reader and news aggregator to provide integration of RSS capability into Microsoft Outlook, that brings up-to-date news and content from website, blogs, and Podcast sites, directly into Microsoft Outlook.

Attensa for Outlook offers you a toolbar in the browser of your choice, i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, to easily add and manage RSS news feeds and subscriptions from websites and blogs. In addition, it loads audio Podcast files into iTunes and Windows Media Player playlists automatically for you. With Attensa, publishing RSS articles, emails and other documents to your blog, without leaving Outlook, is also a breeze through.

Operating on top of a powerful software engine to administer the delivery of RSS feeds to Outlook, the process works in the background to gather information, organise data and store feeds, regardless if Outlook is running as a process. The meticulous well-developed engine helps to keep track of RSS subscriptions up to date, and takes delicate care of downloading any subscription files and updating RSS news feed database on your personal computer.

The simple toolbar button in default browser also allows installation of Attensa Explorer and Firefox RSS toolbar plug-in, to scan web page automatically when looking for feeds. Whenever a feed is found, the icon on the Attensa toolbar will glow. To subscribe and add to your list, simply click on the Attensa icon.

This software introduces hierarchical folders to help keep feeds organised. Create, move and deleting feeds between folders is mere simple task, like you would do with files. Feeds can be imported and exported as OPML files, keeping the folder structure intact.

Finally, the physical layout of Attensa provides a view that is pleasing to the eye. It is a comfort to read the articles, or choose to read just the headlines from the lists. There are basically three views to choose from, to suit your preference. In general, this piece of software is free to download and I would recommend to anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook intensively and loyally.

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Brad Feld Says: September 18, 2005 at 8:08 pm

Keith – Attensa is not the “first of its kind.” There are several other Outlook-based RSS readers. NewsGator ( is the oldest and most popular (NB: I am an investor in the company).

RandyD123 Says: February 11, 2006 at 11:23 am

Are you kidding me? Attensa for Outlook is the worst program I have ever tried. Just look at the Attensa forums and see all of the problems they are having. I’ll pass on this one. Microsoft will have an intergrated RSS Reader in the next release of Office.

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