Vehicle specific PC case

by Marc

Opus vehicle case
I always faniced putting a PC in the car but there are some basic electrical issues to be overcome, such as how to not fry the thing when you connect it to the car power system! Opus solutions have come up with the answer – a PC case specifically designed for vehicle installation.

What’s so special? The thing that cought my eye is the power system. Designed for standard mini-ITX boards this case will wait until your engine is cranked before firing up the PC and it will gracefully shut the PC down again when you turn the ignition off. It also includes the regulation and filtering needed to wire the PC in without it going pop.

Combine with a bootable compact flash (or laptop hard drive) and some RAM and you’ve got a nice little system for…. errr…… ummm… well, who cares, it’s a PC in a car 🙂 sell ready to roll kits in the UK.

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