Stabilo left handed pen

Satbilo \'s Move

For a geek, communicating in the old fashioned scribblestick/dead tree manner is a pain. It’s slow, it uses long-forgotten muscle groups and the end result is (if you’re me) complete illegible to anyone else. Us southpaws also have the problem of that awkward grip on the pen and the invariable smudging that goes along with pushing your hand over fresh ink.

There’s nothing anyone can do about the speed and the legibility but Stabilo have at least tried to address the problems with grip and ink with the awkwardly named “‘s Move” pen. OK so it’s aimed at kids. But then again so is most of the stuff on firebox so I don’t think we should let that put us off!

It’s got a nice chunky grip with thumb and finger indents moulded for left handed use and the special ink dries as soon as it hits the page so no more smudging. I’ve had one for a while and although I can’t say it’s made my writing any more legible it’s at least comfortable to hold (and smudge free, the ink really works!).

You can pick them up quite cheaply from anything lefthanded

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  1. Necesitaría información para comprar la lapicera p/zurdos Stabilo s move easy en Boston. Desde ya muchas gracias.

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