SiliconeZone Bakeware


If you are looking for the perfect bakeware for today’s modern kitchen then look no further than SiliconeZone Bakeware. These are the newest most modern kitchen baking accessories around that are so simple to use that you will just love them.

The SiliconeZone Bakeware will be the best gift ever to the busy mom that loves cooking but never seems to have the time. They are lightweight, non-stick, rust proof, flexible, unbreakable and very easy to use and store. You can even use them on your boat or for camping.

This awesome bakeware is made of high quality food grade silicone. Everything you bake will just pop out and will even be cool to the touch in just a few moments after you remove them from the oven, so the kids will even get to help in the kitchen.

Other features of the SiliconeZone Bakeware include microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe, FDA approved silicone that is also used by some of the best bakeries, glossy non sick surface, easy to clean, cooks and cools evenly, cool to the touch with about 2 minutes of cooling, baked good will be moister, spongier and denser because silicone does not absorb moisture, will not rust and all pieces come with a lifetime warranty.

Things to remember to get the best tasting baked goods from your SiliconeZone bakeware. Never use flour or grease, place on a flat baking sheet before filling batter and in the oven, watch the time – the food tends to bake faster in silicone bakeware, and never use sharp knives to cut the baked goods while in the pans.

Give this gift to someone you love and help them save precious time in the kitchen while preparing your favorite baked goods.

Prices for these awesome SiliconeZone Bakeware are as follows:

Bundt Cake Pan $18.95
Large Bread Loaf Pan $15.95
Jumbo Muffin Pan $15.95
Mini Muffin Pan $12.95
Standard Muffin Pan $19.95
Round Cake Pan $16.95
Square Cake and Brownie Pan $16.95
12-hole Madeline Pan $18.95