Apple iPod Nano

IPOD nano

Apple have done it again and released yet another iPod and it’s tiny. Measuring just 0.27 inches thick and weighing in at (the blue corner) a measly 1.5 ounces.

It does look pretty cool and with prices starting at $99 I’m sure it will be on a few shopping lists. Comes in black or silver (obvious from the pics I know) and more importantly 2GB or 4GB versions both having a 1.5 inch color LCD screen.

Apple seem to have a habit of bringing out new versions of their excellent hardware faster than their software and I just can’t see people upgrading hardware as readily or quickly as they do software packages but hey it has worked for them so far and though I won’t be upgrading just yet I’m not complaining.

To find out more about the iPod Nova and to buy online check out the Official Apple Store

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  1. i m a gr8 fan of apple i pod n want to purchase neno modle . Its a really very amazing experience to have it in pocket. But m living in gujarat/india n don knw wr i cn get demo/purchase,my nearest big location is baroda. Plz send me the details. Thanx

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