Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

by Anita


The perfect gadget for any spy or gossiper is the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device.

You will be able to listen to any conversation up to 300 feet from you. You can listen to you the folks in the next motel room, your neighbors, your kids, and anyone else that you desire. Your possibilities are endless as to what conversation you can hear and what you can learn. You can just happen to be at the mall when your kids are there and learn just what they are up to, or follow your spouse to their “supposed meeting” and listen in to the meeting and learn who the meeting was really with.

Get ahead of the competition by listening to their plans for the next big game, listen to the police down the street and find how who is being taking down and why, you will be able to hear and understand every word with the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device as if you were part of the conversation.

If you love nature then the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device will be wonderful for just relaxing and closing your eyes and taking in all the sounds around you, the birds, crickets and other creatures that chance by.

Other awesome features of the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device are the 10x prism optical monocular that allows you to even view your subjects, the digital chip play back will record up to 12 seconds and then you can play it back, parabolic sound collecting switch, frequency controller, record button, playback button, padded full size headphones, earphones and the instruction manual.

With the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device you will always be abreast of what is going on in your neighborhood, at work, at your spouses work, and at your children’s hang outs. The best part is you can purchase the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device for around $60 and have all the gossip at your fingertips.

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Danielle Castonguay Says: September 29, 2006 at 6:53 am

Your translation from English to French is so wrong. Sounds like you’ve used a translating device which doesn’t compare to what a real person can do.

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