Mathmos Airswitch

by Anita


Just like magic you can control the light simply by waving your hand over the top of the glass. This is a great way to set the mood in any room or give you a brighter light when needed with just your hand.

Have you ever been sitting at your desk and needed just a bit more light to be able to see exactly what you were reading, but the only light in the room is the one in the ceiling and you can’t make it any brighter. Well, if had the Mathmos Airswitch on your desk all you would need to do is slowly pass your hand over the top of the Airswitch.

Not only will you not be searching in the dark for the light switch, needing a bedside lamp that will not disturb your spouse, or looking for a brighter light for you desk with purchase of the Airswitch. You can enjoy the Mathmos Airswitch in every room of your home and never worry about being in the dark again with just a wave of your hand.

You can control the brightness by moving your hand higher or lower to increase or decrease the brightness of the illumination that these unique mouth blown glass lamps offer. The Airswitch comes in two awesome shapes to choose from the evil scientist flask shape, Airswitch 1 or the curvy colored, Airswitch Tc.

The Mathmos Airswitch would be perfect for a nursery or a child’s room. With just a wave of your hand you can illuminate the room with a dim light that will allow you to check on the little one without disturbing their sleep. So, this would be the perfect gift for a baby shower or for a mother to be. Give them a unique gift that they will use over and over again.

You can find the Mathmos Airswitch online for around $85.00

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