The Nintendo Revolution

Living in an online world, it seems everyone has “the inside scoop” on the new Nintendo console. Members of blogs and vido game forums are saying everything from holographic imaging to new methods of image processing where a developer could create hyper realistic vistas at a fraction of the current processing cost. However, the bottom line is, with limited facts, speculation is rampant. This creates plenty of bogus hype and misinformation.

Over the past few months Nintendo have slowly been releasing bits of pieces of information, just enough to keep the hype alive. So far it looks like the new console will not be as powerful as the new Sony Plantation 3 or even the Xbox 360. Yet, until the actually “official” specs are released by Nintendo, we can only speculate.

Ecstatically, Nintendo has designed a very small sleek exterior, the size of 3 DVD cases. This seems to be the route all 3 new consoles are taking.

Even the release date of the new gaming console is the subject of much debate. With the release of the Xbox 360 scheduled before the new-year, and the PlayStation 3 expected to arrive in early spring, it is likely Nintendo will also release the Revolution within that time frame. But then again, I can only speculate.