TV and Fridge Combo

The two things that I really can’t live without are TV and eating. And now thanks to LG I am now able to combine both of these. The guys at LG have developed a refrigerator with a built-in 13-inch LCD TV, as well as a radio tuner. As you can see in the image the screen is placed on the door of the fridge making it not only look pretty cool, but space efficient as well.

Over the past several years, LG have been developing revolutionary technologies and maintaining an aggressive marketing campaign. By developing a fridge with a built in LCD monitor, they are proving they have the foresight to lead the home appliance market.

Here are some of the specs most models will have.

13.1″ LCD TV with remote control, cable ready
FM Stereo
Stereo sound
Energy Star rated refrigerator
Ice and water without opening the door
Premium performance and organization features inside

Whether you’re looking for a midnight snack, or your favorite TV show, LG has managed to put it all together in one beautifully designed package