The new Trekkie Communicator

by Anita


Have you ever wanted a Star Trek communicator that could attach to your lapel? Well, now you can have just that.

Vocera has designed a wireless voice communicator that resembles the communicator that was used on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The new technology allows you to just press a button and say the name of the person you wish to speak with and you will be put through to them.

This unique communicator is very popular at this time in hospitals where nurses can reach doctors quickly and get answers to their questions concerning patients. But, the possibilities are endless.

Servers do the work of decoding speech to recognize the names, find if that person is available and then a part of the wireless network is reserved so the people can speak to each other.

Comments about this new communicator have all been very approving.

“It’s pretty futuristic,” said Keerti Melkote, co-founder of Aruba Networks that is a partner of Vocera. “It’s very neat, smaller than a cell phone and very lightweight,” he told BBC News Online.

The only problem that has been noted is the voice recognition, but after training your communicator in just a few days you will only have to speak to be connected.

This new technology will make pagers obsolete. You will not have to page someone and wait around for them to call you back. You can just speak to one another over this unique communicator.

Mr. Melkote stated that this communicator was great for workplaces where the staff is always on the move or where they are spread out through several buildings or large campuses.

The communicator can be worn around your neck like a necklace or clipped on a lapel. Either way it will always be close at hand to keep you in touch with others.

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sandy Says: January 28, 2011 at 11:51 am

that’s great

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