Ambient Orb


If you desire to keep up to date on the stock market and know if it is up or down without reading the newspaper, checking online, or waiting for the daily news on television then this unique Ambient Orb is for you.

This wonderful new technology will give you up to the minute reports just by changing colors. When it glows red the stock market is down and green means that the stock market has just gone up.

This is a very decorative piece that will give you information, by glowing, on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ, S&P reports, weather reports for New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago, and keep you up with the Homeland Security Report.

You can even subscribe for a small fee and have even more great information at just a glance including pollen reports, traffic reports, public opinion polls, your own stock portfolio, your local weather, email and voice mail alerts, plus many other options.

This exquisite glass orb is approved by Underwriters Laboratories which is a trusted source for product compliance. The Ambient Orb also comes with a 2 month warranty.

You will not need to know any technical jargon or even have a computer. All you will need to do is plug in the Ambient Orb and watch the glow to keep abreast of everything going on. Be the first to know when any of your alerts change and know when to buy or sell your stock by watching the change in color on your original glass orb.

You can register your Ambient Orb online or by calling a toll free telephone number. After you register your Ambient Orb you will have the options to manage your reports online or by telephone.

You will never be left in the dark again for all the vital information that you desire. You can find this wonderful and unique gadget online for around $149.95.

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