Audex is a line of winter jackets that were created in a partnership between the cellphone manufacturer Motorola and the clothing maker Burton.

Now, you must be wondering what in the world can these two manufacturers create together that will be a skiers or snowboarders dream. The answer is Audex. The jacket has a hidden network of wired and wireless connection that will give you the freedom to talk on your cellphone or listen to your favorite tunes on your iPod while you are out and about in the cold winter weather enjoying your favorite winter sports.

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Top 50 Gadgets by PC World

PC World decided to figure out what the top 50 gadgets from the last 50 years would be if they polled their editors and asked them their opinion. There were a few rules. “The devices had to be relatively small (no cars or big-screen TVs, for example), and we considered only those items whose digital descendants are covered in PC World (cameras, yes; blenders, no). We rated each gadget on its usefulness, design, degree of innovation, and influence on subsequent gadgets, as well as the ineffable quality we called the “cool factor.”” Then they totaled the results.

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MOVA Globe

Have the world at your fingertips rotating in continuous motion just like planet earth with the MOVA globe. This awesome globe rotates just like the earth without any type of help from batteries, adapters, or cords. The MOVA globe contains solar cells that create energy to power a low friction electric motor.

The globe may only allow around 10 to 15 percent of light to go through it; however,the motor can still work fine because it operates on small amounts that equal a single average wavelength from the sun. The globe will magically rotate in the palm of your hand or on its own display.

The base and globe’s casing are made out of clear acrylic, which give it a really neat floating effect.

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Digital Camera Lighter

Are you into spy gear? This digital camera lighter is a must have for all spies and sleuths. No matter where you are you will be able to whip out your lighter (HeHe) and take a quick pic of that pretty girl on the beach, your best friends girl kissing another guy, or maybe what your professor is doing in the classroom.

It looks just like a regular Zippo lighter when closed, but it is in fact a cool digital camera. Just flip up the lid as if you were going to light a cigarette, then press a button, and wham you have that photo.

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If you are an adventurer, a camping enthusiast or even a mountain climber the AdventurePlus is one gadget you will be glad that you took along with you.

The AdventurePlus has so many cool features and tools that any outdoorsy type person will absolutely love. It is equipped with a Dry Storage Compartment, Safety Mirror, Digital Thermometer, Safety Whistle, 5X Magnifier, a Liquid-Filled Freeze Resistant Floating Dial Compass, and a LED Superbright Flashlight.

All of these features will help you know where you are during the daylight or even at night. You will be able to venture into caves, down into caverns, and if you get lost from your group, you will have a handy safety whistle along. The great dry storage compartment will keep matches dry or other items that you wish to carry and worry about dropping them into the water. Well, they must be small enough to fit into the compartment, of course.

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Levitating Globe

Is it magic, gravity, or a new technology that allows this globe to levitate in mid-air? All of your friends and colleagues will be wondering the same when they see this levitating globe in your dorm room or on your desk at work.

If you remember watching the Pink Panther movie and Inspector Clouseau, you are sure to remember the scene where Inspector Clouseau placed his hand on a spinning globe and fell to the floor. Well, this will not happen with your exciting globe. Everyone will be in too much awe to even consider leaning on the globe. However, they will be curious enough to try to figure out how it stays there and rotates. You will see them moving their hands all around the globe trying their best to cause the globe to fall to the floor.

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The Landeez all-terrain wheelchair

Wheelchairs are normally a large pain when it comes to any type of enjoyable outdoor activity with the family. It is very hard to push a wheelchair out on the beach to watch your grandchildren or push it along on a nature trail. Just because you need to use a wheelchair does not mean that you have to miss out on all these fun activities. With the Landeez all-terrain wheelchair, you will be able to enjoy more family outings.

This all terrain wheelchair will allow you to easily ride over sand, snow, and gravel. The entire frame will dissemble or fold in just seconds so you can transport your wheelchair by car, train, or plane, or just store it away when it is not needed. Both armrests swivel in the upward position and the wheels can be locked so it will be very easy to maneuver or transfer the wheelchair.

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Ice Cube Maker

How many times have you ran out of ice or knew that you were going to run out of ice and that it would take hours to freeze more cubes or you would have to run to the corner store to purchase a bag of ice? Well, with the ice cube maker you will not have to worry about running out of ice any more. It only takes around 20 minutes to freeze ice cubes!

It does only make small quantities of ice, but for a party it will be perfect unless you have hundreds of guests.

All you have to do is fill the water reservoir with cold tap water and you will have ice cubes in about 20 minutes the first time you use it, subsequent uses will not take as long. Therefore, just start making the ice cubes about 20 minutes before the party is to start and you will not have to worry about making ice the rest of the evening.

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Pooch Potty

Pooch Potty Picture
Can’t be bothered to take your loving best friend for a walk, or just too proud to be seen poop scooping in public, what you need is the pooch potty.

Cats have had the easy life for years thanks to that bowl of scented gravel, the litter tray. The pooch potty is a similar toiletry device for your pet dog.

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Latest All-in-One P7200 Mobile by LG

LG P7200

Recently, I caught up with the latest release of mobile phone from LG. Impressive, yet irresistible in multimedia mobile phone technology, the all-in-one P7200 mobile is a must have for those who want the best out of their handset. The 180 degrees free-rotation swivelling sensation screen enables users to take pictures in any desired angle just as they would, just like one holding a digital camera.

Outdoing itself, LG has equipped the P7200 with a 2.0 megapixel camera that produces high resolution pictures and video clips with in-built flash. Designed with a voguish 17mm clamshell feature, it further improves the all-in-one handset with a dual sided display screens with a primary 262,000 color 2.0″ TFT LCD screen enabling users to enjoy high quality imaging.

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