USB Mini Desktop Aquarium


We all would probably love to have a fish aquarium next to our computers to keep us calm while working or even trying to conquer the world on our favorite PC game. However, we all know that an aquarium next to computer will just not do. Well get the next best thing – the USB Mini Desktop Aquarium. Not only is it an aquarium with life like fish but it plugs into your computer making it even more awesome if you love new gadgets for your computer.

The USB Mini Desktop Aquarium has two life-like tropical fish, which with the aid of a small motor to generate a current in the water softly swim, around the tank. It is just what you need to get some stress relief after trying to meet all those deadlines. The aquarium itself has a high intensity blue LED that will illuminate the water in the tank when you have the lights off and give an even more calming effect. The motor and the LED can be turned on or off independently of each other.

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Pop-Up Hotdog Cooker


If you are looking for a healthier and easier way to cook a great tasting hot dog then you should try the Pop-Up Hotdog Cooker. It is so easy small children can make their own hotdogs. You never have to worry about getting the grill the ready, over-cooking in the microwave, or have a regular old boiled hot dog again.

If you love toasted buns for your hot dogs then you will even love this Pop-Up Hotdog Cooker even more. You can cook two hot dogs and toast the buns at the same exact time and enjoy each and every bite. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to prepare.

All you have to do is drop your favorite hot dogs into the center basket and then place the buns in the two toasting baskets on either side of the center basket. In just a few minutes, your hotdogs and buns will pop up just like a toaster.

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Illuminated Flying Disc

I bet everyone remembers the Frisbees we all played with our friends and if you were talented, enough you learned all kinds of tricks. You could have played Frisbee with your dog, on the beach, or many other places. The Frisbee was a take along toy that everyone could enjoy and did not take up much room when packing to go for holidays.

The only bad part about our old Frisbees is that when the sun went down so did our fun. Well today, you will be glad to know you can give your children a better Frisbee type toy than you ever got the chance to play with. A matter of fact, you may wish to get one for yourself. In addition, you do not have to quit playing and put up the illuminated flying disc after the sun goes down.

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CG Review: Logitech / Harmony 885 remote control

Logitech 885 remote
The most common reaction I get when I tell people I’ve invested in a programmable remote control is laughter. “Why?” they ask. Then again, most people don’t have a stack of electronic components 4 feet high to control.

Even so, the problem is more common than you might imagine. Think about this: You have a CD player, a DVD player, a TV, a cable box, a stereo and a recording device (DVD recorder, PVR, video, whatever). Sometimes you’ve got all of these things and more. You could even have remote controlled blinds and lights if you’re really into home cinema. That makes for a lot of remote controls!

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Water Squirting Arm Wrestling Game


If you are like me, you are use to seeing when the guys get together all of them challenging one another to an arm wrestling game. Also, if you are like me you get so tired of just standing there watching them trying to be macho and you sure don’t want to join in.

Well, if you really want to liven up their arm wrestling adventure give them the water squirting arm wrestling game next time they all get together. With this game, you will not mind watching at all since the loser will be even more humiliated because he will get wet.

As they play the game, the squirter arm is pointed at each contestant. Then when the winner hits the squirt ball, the loser will be squirted. Now, that will show those macho men who is the real drip.

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Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears 10 pro
I appreciate good music as much as anyone and I would always swap out the freebie earbuds you get with your average MP3 player for something decent. There is a point though where I start to think enough is enough.

Apparently Ultimate Ears don’t agree – they sell what has to be the most expensive pair of in ear headphones I’ve ever seen, except that calling these UE-10 pro in ear monitors mere “headphones” is doing them an injustice.

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The VoipBuster IP Telecommunication


I am quite sure many of you heard of VOIP (Voice Over IP), and often will relate to the renown Skype Technologies S.A., recently acquired by eBay. Providing several services for many users, including free Skype-to-Skype calls, low tariff rate for SkypeOut, Beta version of SkypeIn and corperate type of Skype Groups, one of the most attractive offers Skype has offered is SkypeOut, with low tariff rates to several countries around the world. Since, acquired by eBay several months ago, there is been largely little improvement to Skype, nonetheless not to mention lower rates.

This is where a new challenger comes in, the VoipBuster! Other than providing FREE peer-to-peer calls, it also introduces FREE IP-to-landline calls to some destinations in the world. Currently at beta release, I have tested the software and it’s brilliantly cost-efficient and worth the money to switch from Skype.

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The Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera

Just the thought of a digital camera for a gift is a wonderful idea, but when you couple it with a very small size, the intrigue is even more appealing.

With the Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera, being only around ½ inch thick and not much wider than a credit card you will be able to take it anywhere you go. It will fit practically anywhere you wish to carry it, in your purse, briefcase, or even your shirt pocket.

This Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera is a full featured digital camera that has all the same great qualities that you can find in the larger cameras with out the bulky size. This great camera offers a 5-mega pixel image sensor that will produce the best quality prints for photos up to 11 inches by 20 inches, with many great image enhancements such as the cropping feature. It has a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.2-inch LCD viewfinder screen. The size of this camera certainly does not take away from its quality and features which allow you to compose, edit, and delete any shots that you wish.

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Affordable PC Based DJ Mixer

PC DJ Mixer
That title was a bit of a mouthful but this is the first PC Based DJ Mixer that I’ve seen for well under 100 quid (£69 to be precise).

I’m generally not a fan of DJ music (see I don’t even know the proper term for it) but I’ve been dragged to a few clubs before and can kind of appreciate there is some musical ability involved in working the decks (though I think I’ll stick to rock thank you).

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