Mop Slippers


Are you real tired of cleaning the floor after each and every person in your family walks across the floor with muddy feet? Well, then you should get every one a pair of mop slippers. Just put a pair for every member of your family by the front and back door and then have them remove their shoes and place on the mop slippers. This will stop the mud and dirt from messing up your clean floor and wherever they walk, they will be dry mopping as well.

Why should it be that mom is the only one that must mop and clean the floor up after everyone else? It doesn’t have to be that way any more. Just have a bunch of mop slippers around. Then all you will have to do is the laundry.

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Unique Towel Holder (seeing is believing)

Dog End
There are many unique gadgets and innovations out there, if you ever wonder how somebody comes up with the ideas for some of the wackiest contraptions, you might find the following of interest.

“I was sitting in a particularly dull lecture one day giggling to myself about the striking similarity between old fashioned tea towel holders and a certain part of the anatomy. Later that day as I walked home I happened to be following an English bull terrier and the idea for dog-end was born..” – Luke from slam

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Son of A Bucket Robot


Become the life of the party with your own drunken robot! You will be able to drink as much as you want, pull all kinds of antics and no one will pay the least bit of attention to you and your follies as you control your drunken robot around the room. Every eye will be on the new guest that you brought.

What is that person doing flirting with your gal or guy? Well, the Son of A Bucket Robot will take care of that. Just have your robot mosey on over and puke all over his or her shoe. That will take care of that troublesome person.

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Gadget Clothing, what next!

Non Animated Gadget Vest
There’s a first for everything and this is probably the first time we’ve reported on a piece of gadget clothing. It’s known as a PAN (Personal Area Network).

So what makes this vest better than all the other (much cheaper) vests available from any department store. Well for starters it’s got a version number (how ‘sad’/cool is that) and is up to version 4.0 which means all early bugs should now be ironed out 🙂 and it boosts 29 hidden pockets to lose your keys in (my favourite cargo pants have 12 pockest and I thought that was impressive).

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How many times do those small pesky insects bite you or someone in your household during the spring, summer and autumn months? I bet, several times. In addition, if you are like most people you get real tired of running into the house and getting some over the counter medication for the itching that causes your children to become drowsy and some adults to become cranky. Are you ready for an itch cure that really works fast without any type of side effects? If you are then you need the ItchZapper.

The ItchZapper works on the external treatment of mosquito bites, flea bites, gnat bites and horseflies bites. It is very compact so you can carry it with you everywhere you go and always have it on hand.

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