NukAlert Radiation Alarm (keyring)

Nuke Keyring
There must be a geiger counter craze going on at the moment. Following on from the geiger counter watch we reported on a few days a go you can now buy a Radiation detection device that can be attached to a set of keys, otherwise known as a keyring. The keyring chirps like a proper geiger counter (remember them from school) when radiation levels above the norm, with the frequency of chirps getting faster as radiation levels increase (though I’m not sure how you’re going to test this).

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Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera (DCS-6620G)

D-Link Wireless Internet Camera

As one of the leading provider of wired and wireless IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, D-Link once again introduces another new member of the SECURICAM Network family of the Internet Cameras: the DCS-6620G. Featuring Wireless G capability (802.11g wireless connectivity) with 10x optical zoom lens, this Internet camera also features dual codec support, built-in microphone, and low light-sensitivity. With its small size, it sits easily undetected in a corner. This device is the best solution for monitoring your home security needs.

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Watson 2.0 from Intellext to compete with Sidebars

Watson 2.0

Intellext has announced to launch Watson 2.0 on Friday. Recognised to work as a sidebar, Watson 2.0 is designed to artificially understand the content of the text that any Personal Computer (PC) user is reading or creating, and automatically offers relevant news articles, Word documents, and other Web- or PC-based information for the user. Unlike Google’s Desktop (Sidebar) service as databases were occasionally exchanging with Google servers, Watson 2.0 offers its service without compromising PC user’s privacy, as nothing gets sent to their servers.

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Chocolate Fountain


If you love chocolate as much as I do then you will be in Heaven when you see this chocolate fountain. Who wouldn’t enjoy a fountain flowing with chocolate? You can place in your kitchen and enjoy nice warm chocolate for dipping anything you desire. Bring your chocolate fountain into the living room and enjoy dipping all your favorite snacks while watching your favorite movie or shows on television.

The chocolate fountain would also make a wonderful centerpiece for a wedding reception, a graduation party, a birthday party, an anniversary or even for Christmas as a new and exciting way to enjoy chocolate. All of your guests will be fascinated at the way in which the chocolate flows up and around making mounds of ooey, gooey chocolate for dipping strawberries, slices of melon, banana bites, pineapple chunks or for any other bite size fruit you wish to serve.

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