The Segway

Photo of the segway
When I first heard of the Segway, I never for a second believed it would catch on like it has. What is a Segway you ask? Powered by an electric mortar, the Segway is a two wheeled vehicle which us used standing up. All across the US and many other countries people are using the Segway as their intercity vehicle either to commute to work, or just to get from place to place.

Having personally had the chance to use the Segway this summer I must admit, I’m impressed. At first glance, the Segway looks very awkward with only two wheels and a small platform to stand on. Part of my original skepticism was the issue of being able to properly balance and keep from falling over. However due to their dynamic stabilization technology, balance is almost no issue at all. Within minutes, I was comfortable and secure enough to cruise the streets of Toronto.

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Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool


How many times have you been out and found that you need a screwdriver, a knife or a bottle opener and you can’t find one anyplace. Well, with this great multi-tool not only will you have those gadgets right in your reach but you will have a cool toool that everyone will wish they had.

This is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys having a multi-tool gadget whether for their tool collection or for everyday use. Even women will enjoy having this cool design. It can easily be attached to their key ring that they carry around, or to an inside ring on their purse.

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NASA World Wind

NASA Cloud Cover
This is cool. Google recently let us have the excellent and free Google Earth, which is great fun and also an educational tool for young and old alike. I often sit down with my daughter and fly around the world planning the next dream holiday.

NASA are probably as well known as Google but probably don’t have quite the same sort of marketing muscle but their World Wind application could well be better than Google Earth and best yet both of these programs are free

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Conform’able footbeds

Conform\'able footbed

You’ve spent the whole day on your feet and by the end of it your feet ache, your knees hurt and your back’s letting you know it’s there. Sound familiar? You need some of these Conform’able customised footbeds. They’re insoles moulded specifically to the shape of your feet. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I thought so too until I tried them.

Find out more about them here.

The market for these things started out with professional athletes demanding perfection in sportswear and moved on to providing comfort for ski boots but the lastest range is good for hiking boots and sturdy shoes too.

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Portable DVD Player

A couple years ago I remember walking into my local Radio Shack and seeing a portable DVD player. It boasted high resolution and a sleek compact design plus all the features you would find while sitting at home in front of your Television. The only thing it didn’t have was a reasonable price tag. Even just a basic unit started at $700 with high end models almost twice as much. I remember saying to a friend, ‘just wait a few years, the price will drop to half as much.” As it turns out, I was right

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Red Roomba Robot Vacuum


This new innovative Red Roomba® Robot Vacuum takes the drudgery out of one of your household chores. All you have to do is turn it and it will do all the work for you. You can cook dinner, watch television, or enjoy a leisurely bubble bath while the Robot Vacuum cleans your floors.

The Roomba® Red Robot Vacuum will clean many surfaces including mid-pile carpet to hardwood floors. It adjusts automatically its cleaning head to clean effectively. All you need to do is push the “Clean” button and relax.

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The Nintendo Revolution

Living in an online world, it seems everyone has “the inside scoop” on the new Nintendo console. Members of blogs and vido game forums are saying everything from holographic imaging to new methods of image processing where a developer could create hyper realistic vistas at a fraction of the current processing cost. However, the bottom line is, with limited facts, speculation is rampant. This creates plenty of bogus hype and misinformation.

Over the past few months Nintendo have slowly been releasing bits of pieces of information, just enough to keep the hype alive. So far it looks like the new console will not be as powerful as the new Sony Plantation 3 or even the Xbox 360. Yet, until the actually “official” specs are released by Nintendo, we can only speculate.

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Even just a couple years ago the idea of having a handheld computer with phone and internet combined seem pretty far fetched. However developers from Research In Motion have designed a line of products that can do all this and much more.

Blackberry’s have been gaining more and more popularity among tech enthusiasts over the last few months. With various styles and features to choose from, including large LCD screens and Bluetooth technology, Reach In Motion are quickly becoming a force in the Industry.

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Vocal Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm

Are you concerned about whether your child will be able to remember the plans to get out of the house or even hear the smoke alarm in case of a fire? Well, you can now have peace of mind with the Vocal Smoke Alarm.

Not only will they hear the smoke alarm, but they will hear your voice saying their name to awaken them from slumber. This unique and highly innovative smoke alarm uses three different alarms to awaken your child.

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