2 CD iPod Docking Station by Electro

Electro 2 iPod

Say, you’ve got to like the 2 CD iPod Docking Station by Electro. Especially the big round speakers on the front. Oh wait, those aren’t speakers!

All innuendo aside, there are some speakers that are rectangular, but the big round things are actually CD playing things. All you need to do is dock the iPod and you can play and recharge something at the same time.

You can also listen to an AM/FM radio, and you can even insert the input jack to connect with other audio sources. There is also an equalizer with four presets for optimal sound and a clock with sleep timer function.

Not only that, the whole thing feels pretty good and looks great too. It even comes with a remote control that is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Personally, I can see this going on a fireplace mantle or other prominent place in the household, such as a bedroom table or something. Maybe it should be put by the door, so as you come in, you just park your iPod after a long hard day. Then fill the place with music so you don’t go insane after a long hard day.

You can get the 2-CD iPod Docking by Electro at the Seventh Avenue for about $199.00.

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