2 in 1 Kitchen Scale doubles as a wall clock


Even if you do use a kitchen scale on a fairly regular basis, it’s doubtful that you use it constantly.  Which means it either goes to one of those deep dark cabinets or sits on the counter and gets in the way.  Well instead of trying to decide where is best to store the scale while it’s not in use, you could pick up this 2 in 1 kitchen scale.  It’s made to hang on your wall and when you don’t need a scale, it functions just fine as an average wall clock.

It also looks quite a bit like an old record that is now finding use as a wall clock, which would make it look great in kitchens with a retro spin.  It’s a digital scale with an analogue clock and has a smooth glass front to make cleanup a lot easier.  I don’t imagine that this is dishwasher safe, so you’re probably stuck just wiping it down.  You can purchase your very own for £24.99 or about $36 from Gobaz.

Source: NerdApproved

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