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Netatmo delivers Welcome home camera

netatmoNetatmo, a company that is famous for their innovations in the field of consumer electronics to deliver a better and connected lifestyle to the masses, has unveiled Welcome – which is the very first (or so the company claims) smart home camera that will boast of face recognition technology in order to know every single family member who walks through the door. Not that we have not seen such a home camera before, of course.

Welcome works this way – it will send the names of folks whom it seems to the user’s smartphone. Whenever it detects and unknown fact, users too, will be notified so that they can be on the alert. I do wonder whether there will be future updates to accommodate the faces of pets…

At least parents know for sure now whether their children have arrived home safe and sound, although the children themselves might be too pleased with such technology invading the home since they can no longer play hooky whenever the parents are not around. All privacy settings are customizable, and thankfully, each family member has the choice to let Welcome send notifications or store footage – and doing otherwise if they are not comfortable with the idea.

Since all of the recorded videos and identification data would remain private courtesy of it being stored on a microSD memory card, and not on the cloud, you can be sure that the risk of your privacy being invaded would be a whole lot less. Not only that, access to the camera has been secured using bank-level encryption in order to offer you additional peace of mind.

The Netatmo Welcome camera itself boasts of Full HD recording capability, night vision thanks to the powerful infrared LED, a 130-degree field of view, and arriving encased in anodized aluminum. Each purchase will arrive with a microSD memory card to help you get started right out of the box, and it works over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. There is no word on pricing but it will be out later in Q2 2015.

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